domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

V.A - Big in Wigan, 20 Northern Mammoths from the wheel to keele

Bueno y para ir a tono con el anterior post, publicamos este compilado del sello Kent. 20 canciones que, según el nombre del album, fueron grandes éxitos en Wigan. Muy variado, hay desde suaves baladas hasta frenéticos temas. Excelente para bailar.


1. It's A Woman's World (You'd Better Believe It) - Gypsies
2. Baby Reconsider - Haywood, Leon
3. That's Lovin' You - Wiggins, Percy
4. Sweet Sherry - Barnes, J.J.
5. I Wanna Be (Your Everything) - Pretenders (2)
6. Happy - Bell, William
7. My Man A Sweet Man - Jackson, Millie
8. Little Miss Soul - Lovettes
9. I'll Never Fall In Love Again - Freeman, Bobby
10. Hey Sah Lo Ney - Lane, Mickey Lee
11. Till You Give - Patterson, Bobby
12. With My Love and What You've Got (We Could Turn The World Around) - Wells, Jean
13. Mother Of Shame - Holloway, Loleatta
14. Running Away From Love - Mahoney, Skip & The Casuals
15. You've Come A Long Way Baby - Flower Shoppe
16. Ain't That Good Enough - Edwards, John (1)
17. You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet - Love, Mary
18. Baby I Need You - Lorraine & The Delights
19. Can It Be Me - Williams, Mel
20. Our Love Will Grow - Showmen


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  1. love that esther phillips track..

    i have been running down a mod/ernist theme on themusicologist over the last two weeks that i'm sure you would be interested in all about the birth of mod and the tunes that were played on the scene in London in the early 1960's