lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

Northern Soul Originals - V.A.

Compilado del sello Hallmark Records, excelente de principio a fin. Recomendados dos instrumentales increibles y clásicos: Exus Trek (cuya versión vocal titulada If it's all the same to you baby también es brutal) y I need Help. De los mejores compilados que haya escuchado, ojala lo disfruten.

1. Same Old Thing - The Olympics
2. Put Your Arms Around Me - The Sherrys
3. Exus Trek - Luther Ingram & His Orchestra
4. It's Gonna Be a False Alarm - Volcanoes
5. Focused on You - Bernard Williams
6. Do the Temptation Walk - Jackie Lee
7. Cigarette Ashes - James Conwell
8. Quittin Time - International Kansas City Playboys
9. Life Goes On - The Fabulous Downbeats
10. You're Not My Kind - Paula Durante
11. Loving You Takes All of My Time - The Debonaires
12. Ooh Honey Baby - Bob & Earl
13. There's Nothing Else to Say - The Incredibles
14. She's Puttin You On - United Four
15. Blowing My Mind to Pieces - Bob Relf
16. Sweet Darling
17. No Part Time Love for Me - Martha Starr
18. I Need Help - Detroit Land Apples

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