lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

Phyllis Dillon - One Life To Live One, Love Yo Give.

Una magnifica voz, más una exelente inspiración, más un sentido innato de composición y una linda musicalidad, igual: One life to live, one love to give ;)

Lista de Canciones:
1 don't stay away
2 one life to live
3 picture on the wall
4 you are like heaven to me
5 eddie oh baby
6 we belong together
7 nice time
8 something
9 love that a woman should give to a man
10 perfedia
11 The right back
12 love the one you're with
13 rocksteady
14 i can't forget about you baby
15 woman of the ghetto
16 close to you


Jay The Mod.

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